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Entry #1

Meet N' Fuck

2008-12-22 21:08:10 by BCMM123

Hey everybody. I'm new to newgrounds and today i found, in my opinion, the best hentai game ever! It's called Meet N' Fuck as most of you probably know already. The first one i found was Meet N' Fuck: Subway Story and i thought it was awsome. So far from the Meet N' Fuck series i've seen Vacation, Road trip, Therapy, My Favorite, Dance School, Street Racing and Subway Story. If anyone wants to discuss the series with me send me a message (or whatever) and please let me know if there is any1 from these series that i haven't seen yet.


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2008-12-22 21:28:02

this is a great series
it has good variety
and isn't some shithead
like [KK]
and also has a story